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Alternative Dispute Resolution (Arbitrage and Mediation)

The area of Alternative Dispute Resolution is an innovative service that illustrates BAS’s principles and structuring values. Focusing on searching for fast and efficient solutions, ensuring customer satisfaction, BAS has been making a strategic investment in the mediation area, a faster and cheaper conflict resolution tool than litigation. Mediation processes are also recognised for allowing the agreement on solutions that meet the interests and needs of both parties, expanding the range of solutions provided by arbitral or judicial decisions and is particularly useful when the disputants have an ongoing and lasting relationship.

BAS seeks to ensure the protection of its clients’ legal interests, guarantying their security by implementing a risk analysis and decision-making methodology for each particular situation.

During the mediation processes, BAS provides a service that differentiates itself from the rest of the market by investing in the training of its mediators and their compliance to quality standards and their international certification for the practice, and for the accuracy of its procedural monitoring procedures equal to the ones recognized by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).