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Labour and Social Security Law and Public Employment

BAS has a team of lawyers with consolidated experience and expertise in the various areas of Employment Law, providing permanent, preventive and reactive consultancy services to national and international companies in all areas of labour relations and economic activity sectors.

In the area of Labour and Social Security Law, BAS professionals, together with the departments of Human Resources, as well as with the clients’ decision bodies, try to, first of all, ensure that those entities develop their activity in accordance with the applicable labour legislation and to structure its human resources policy.

Currently Labour Law practice differentiates itself by presenting a high level of expertise involving transversal knowledge, particularly in the restructuring of companies, in the definition of salary policies and contracting models, advising, among others, in disciplinary proceedings, labour audits and collective disputes in accordance with the rules relating to social security.

In this area, BAS professionals develop intense legal representation activity in the context of labour and social security disputes, as well as in challenging labour and social security administrative offenses.

This area of practice includes lawyers who have been nationally and internationally successively distinguished for their excellence in the development of their activity.

Consultancy on Public Employment is also included in this department.

Public Employment Law (often also referred to as Civil Service Law) in recent years has witnessed profound changes that, on the one hand, led to the liberalisation of the legal relationship of public employment, but also by the attempt to retain this relationship under Public Law. This consolidation process has been accompanied by BAS professionals, who have a large degree of specialization, including academic, and a deep knowledge and information on these issues and is, therefore, able to provide advice to both entities and individuals, to which the public employment legislation applies.

BAS´s team of lawyers has extensive experience in advising clients on public employment and sponsors actions aimed at resolving disputes in this area.