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Administrative Law and Public Procurement

Administrative Law, in all its areas, has a growing importance in all legal activity domains.

BAS’s lawyers have a vast experience, in both Administrative Law and special Administrative Law. They have assisted not only public bodies in this area but also private institutions. BAS’s team of Lawyers has a profound knowledge in matters related to administrative procedure and administrative litigation, having intervened in several areas of the legal discipline. Within this context, the professionals that work for BAS assist some of the most relevant public-private partnerships in Portugal.

Contracts and Public procurement are central issues of the today’s administrative activity. For this reason, this is one of the main areas of practice of BAS that counts with a dynamic, experiment and qualified team, prepared to intervene legally in large public projects in their administrative component as well as in their private or corporate perspective.

In effect, BAS’s team has provided consultancy and training services concerning the Public Procurement Code to several public and private institutions so they can respond, with high levels of efficacy, to the new challenges of public procurement.

Administrative Law, in all its forms, is increasingly important in all areas of legal practice.

BAS team provides legal advice to public and private institutions in the various areas of this field of practice, namely, consultancy services in all areas where administrative law governs the legal relations between the parties.

BAS has advised public and private clients from various areas of activity, among others, in the areas of Health, Tourism, Internal Affairs, Food, Pharmaceutical, Professional Education and Training, Sea and Environment.

Contracting and procurement are now the focus of all administrative activity, being one of BAS´s main areas of activity – relying on a dynamic, experienced and qualified team prepared to intervene legally in large public projects.

The scientific and practical specificity of public procurement justifies a high degree of expertise, which can be found in BAS professionals who develop their activity in this area.

BAS provides advice on all issues related to pre-contractual procedures for the signing of all types of contracts for the procurement of goods and services as well as public works contracts, concession contracts and public-private partnerships.

In this area, BAS lawyers are advisors to some of the most important public-private partnerships projects in Portugal.

BAS professionals are also responsible for training activities for both public and private institutions, related to the fundamental legal instruments in this area of practice, inscribed in the Public Contract Code (CCP), enabling them to respond with high efficacy levels to the new challenges of public procurement.