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Health Law and Bioethics is one of BAS’s main areas of activity, covering current issues with a growing social importance, like the necessary and informed consent, the duty to inform, analysis of health data, the duty of confidentiality, responsibility of health professionals, the administrative organization of health, protection of the right to health, the licensing of health facilities, regulation of the health sector, the legal regime of transplantation and assisted reproduction, practice and regulation of health professions, conventions on health and public-private partnerships in health.

BAS is active in all relevant issues in this area, highlighting, none the less, the increasing requests for advisory and advocacy in matters relating to the responsibility of health professionals (medical liability, among others) in civil, contractual, extra contractual and criminal areas.

With lawyers with extensive and long experience in consulting to health institutions and establishments, BAS professionals are knowledgeable of the specificities of this sector and are able to solve the current problems and challenges placed by this expanding branch of knowledge.