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Mariana Antunes

Mariana Antunes

Admitted to the Portuguese Bar Association in January 2019.

Languages: en

Academic background

Graduated in Law, from the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon, in 2015.

Professional Career

Lawyer at law firm Servdebt Capital Asset Management, S.A., between February of 2019 until December of 2020, as Legal Manager;

Lawyer at law firm Menéres Pimentel, Ataíde, Bailão e Sevivas, RL between January and February of 2019;

Internship at Menéres Pimentel, Ataíde, Bailão e Sevivas, RL, until December 2018;

Internship at Alves & Sousa Pereira RL, since September 2015 until October of 2016.

Areas of practice