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Miguel Ribeiro dos Santos

Miguel Ribeiro dos Santos

Admitted to the Portuguese Bar Association in 2003.


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Academic career

Attendance of the Master course in Labour Law at the Law Faculty of the Portuguese Catholic University (Lisbon School), in 2010/2011.

Post-graduate degree in Civil Service Law by the Law Faculty of University of Coimbra, in 2009.

Post-graduate degree in Labour Law by the Law Faculty of the Portuguese Catholic University (Lisbon School), in 2006.

Post-graduate degree in Securities Law by the Law Faculty of University of Lisbon, in 2001.

Graduated in Law at the Law Faculty of University of Lisbon, in 2000.


Professional career

Lawyer at BAS, Sociedade de Advogados, RL, since 2011.

Advisor to the Secretary of State for Public Administration; member of the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration workgroup for the revision of the legal system of employment relationships, careers and salaries in public administration; preparation of various studies in the area of Civil Service Law; participation in the drafting of several legislative initiatives in the area of Civil Service, particularly relating to the new legal system of employment relationships, careers and salaries of workers exercising public functions, between 2006 and 2008.

Lawyer (individual practice), from 2003 to 2011.

Trainee Lawyer, between 2000 and 2003.


Publications and Conferences

«Procedimentos de Lay-off» Revista de Direito e de Estudos Sociais, year LI, ns. 1-4, January-December 2010 (on the subject of temporary lay-off procedures).

«Contrato de Trabalho a Termo Certo (Caducidade vs. Despedimento Ilícito). Acórdão do Tribunal da Relação do Porto de 6 de Junho de 2005», Revista de Direito e de Estudos Sociais, year XLVI, ns. 2, 3 e 4, December 2005 (on the subject of fixed-term employment contracts).


Areas of practice