What is the forecast for the law market in 2022?

Dália Cardadeiro, the lawyer, answers the question of Fórum dos Líderes (Leaders Forum) published in the yearbook “Who is Who in Business Law Practice in Portugal 2021/2022”

BAS’s forecast for the legal market in 2022 is of an increase in the issues raised in terms of Labour Law, also associated with the effects of the pandemic that has created so many challenges in this area, as well as an increase in legal services in the areas of Digital Law, bearing in mind the advance of new technologies that have gained even greater acuity in the fight against the pandemic.

The health, public procurement, infrastructure, and construction sectors are also expected to be more dynamic, and personal data protection response needs are expected to continue.

The Law’s response to the need to increase environmental sustainability measures and to promote the circular economy, in the fight against climate change, represents an important challenge for law firms for the year 2022.

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