Cláudia Monge at the “Dignity, Autonomy and Duration of Human Life” course

Cláudia Monge at the “Dignity, Autonomy and Duration of Human Life” course

The intensive course “Dignity, Autonomy, and Duration of Human Life: Personal Rights and Property Rights” that begins today is organized by the CIDP – Private Law Research Centre. Cláudia Monge, Lawyer and Assistant Professor at FDUL and Visiting Assistant Professor at FMUL will be speaking at the session on 17 October on “Access to medical information by heirs and fundamental rights”.

During the course, which runs until 12 December, issues related to family law, inheritance law, bioethics law, pediatric law, and medical law will be addressed. The difficulties posed by the end of human existence require strong responses from a perspective of dignity and respect for the autonomy of the individual, while duly anchored in solid ethical foundations, which the legal system is responsible for ensuring.

The problems directly related to the moment of death or to a moment immediately afterward; the articulation between inheritance law, fundamental rights, and personality rights; the role of inheritance law in the face of the vulnerability of certain groups of people; the rights of children in the face of the death of others or with a view to safeguarding their own lives; and the “patrimonial” projection of the individual after death, through the exercise of their private autonomy.


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