BAS joins the Helpo sponsorship program

BAS’s activity is present in Portuguese-speaking countries like Angola, Mozambique and Brazil and has always taken an active stance in the area of ​​social responsibility. BAS recently joined the Helpo project for Sponsoring Children at a Distance.

The “Long-distance Child Sponsorship Program” aims, with the symbolic support of a child, to create opportunities in the child’s community of origin; opportunities not only for the supported child, but for all children residing in the community.

The Helpo Association goal is to provide support to the most vulnerable populations in countries with a low level of human development, by reaching out to sponsors to help with the implementation of programs and projects in the key areas of our intervention. In Portugal, it provides support to the vulnerable population by providing basic needs and by developing programs to support children; It focus on advocacy projects and population development.


About Helpo

The Helpo Association is active in Portugal, Mozambique, São Tomé e Príncipe and Guiné Bissau, promoting development through education and nutrition in rural communities and intervention centres through the construction of schools, libraries, day care centres, nutrition centres, canteens, rainwater harvesting systems, community training, health education, care and continuous training.

Its activities, reaching more than 19,000 children, are funded by the Long-Distance Child Sponsorship Program, donations, funded projects and private companies.

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