BAS celebrates eight years

This January BAS completed its eighth year of activity. This stage is celebrated with the reinforcement of its team, the diversification of its areas of practice and with its many ongoing projects.

In 2010 it presented itself as a young law firm with an innovative positioning and a commitment to the flexibilization of the processes of the law in Portugal and in the area of public law.

The new society resulted from the creation of an autonomous project with a team of lawyers in a simple and horizontal structure that moved away from the tradition of law firms.

BAS’s founding members are still the core of this law firm, namely Artur Filipe da Silva, Cláudia Monge, Dália Cardadeiro, Jane Kirkby, Marco Real Martins, Miguel Salvador, Nuno Miguel Vieira, Pedro Madeira de Brito and more recently Sérgio Alves Ribeiro, which presently include a team of 28 lawyers.

In the same year of the beginning of its activity BAS establishes an Iberian partnership in Law. In 2013, BAS began its internationalization process by establishing partnerships with Legalline in Angola, Brazil and Mozambique.


New challenges

Sports Law, Real Estate Law, Insolvency, Banking and Financial Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution and Intellectual Property were added to our offer in the many areas of Law.

BAS looks to the future with optimism and is prepared for the new challenges that this year presents, in particular with the General Regulation on Data Protection and amendments to the Public Procurement Code.

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