Catholic University’s Law JobShop: BAS at the market of opportunities

BAS was present at the 15th edition of the Catholic University’s Law JobShop, with the participation of lawyer Dália Cardadeiro in the Recruiting Lounge’s “Partner’s Hour” and the presence of trainee attorneys Jéssica Faria and Marta Costa in the BAS area where students could leave their curricula in a Craft Fantasy Box.


Promoting a space for debate on issues of great relevance in the context of professional integration, the event held by the Lisbon School of the Faculty of Law of the Catholic University promotes the interaction of students and law graduates with potential recruiters.


BAS left three advices to a potential candidate in this edition’s catalogue:


  1. Have a sense of responsibility and determination to pursue the highest standards of ethics and rigor.
  2. Be open minded and have the flexibility to work in the various areas of law
  3. Have an entrepreneurial and team spirit.


In its value proposition for a law student at the Catholic University to work in the firm, BAS highlights its brand image: its lawyers’ competence and experience. Professional competence, experience, and academic and peer recognition define the DNA of the firm.

When questioned about why to recruit in Catholic University, the firm affirms that the institution is a reference of technical quality within the academy, being recognized by its high academic level and contribution in the training of new generations of talented professionals, reason why this recruitment in question will contribute to the strengthening of the firm’s interpersonal and technical skills.

What should a student value? A law student is an agent of change for the world and himself. First he must want to learn. He must be able to question and question himself and seek to evolve in its path, according to the highest standards of ethics and rigor. Seek technical competence and experience with responsibility and humility since learning is a process. Have experience of the world, general culture and an constant will to search for knowledge and new knowledge across borders.

A trainee lawyer or a young lawyer performs several tasks in the BAS that can go from the elaboration of procedural documents and legal opinions in the office’s several areas of practice to judicial.


Opening photo: BAS Mascot, designed to receive the potential candidates’ resume.

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