Data protection in Workshop

The Workshop “Two years of General Data Protection Regulation. Are we prepared?” was held on 10 May. Organized by BAS, in association with APDPO (Association of Protection and Data Security Professionals).

The workshop, which was attended by about 50 participants, was conducted by Cláudia Monge, Jane Kirkby and Pedro Madeira de Brito, BAS’s partners, and Bruno Rodrigues from APDPO, who addressed the topic of organizational safety measures and the technical requirements of the GDPR.

The workshop was intended to guide organizations that have not yet prepared their adaptation to the General Data Protection Regulation, but also to give a brief analysis of the work done by community and national legislators since the entry into force of the regulation on May 25, 2016 .

The event closed with final considerations by APDPO president, Margarida Ferreira.


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