Priorities of the sector 2023

Priorities of the Law Firms sector for 2023

BAS considers that 2023 will bring important challenges in public procurement, green public procurement, and the implementation of the objectives of the European Green Pact.

The necessary response to the demand for research and innovation will continue to bring important issues in the field of data protection for which Lawyers must be prepared.

The recognition of the social relevance of the health sector confirms the importance of quality legal services in Health Law and the new organization of the National Health Service raises new questions.

The current economic cycle and the relevance of tax instruments for the pursuit of public policies also lead to the growth of legal services in Tax Law and the resolution of issues raised in Labour Law associated with the effects of the pandemic and inflation will continue to determine a demanding response in this area of law.

The protection of its Lawyers, of social and working conditions of human potential, must be a priority of Law Firms for the year 2023.

Cláudia Monge, partner of BAS

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