Public Health Policies in review

The e-Publica magazine of the Centre for Public Law Studies (CIDP) has dedicated an issue to “Public Health Policies”. Cláudia Monge participates in its organization and editing and authors an article dedicated to the fundamental right to health protection.

This thematic issue of the e-Publica magazine is dedicated to the right to health protection, human and fundamental rights, public policies and the legal framework for their implementation.

In light of a scenario of population aging, therapeutic innovation, and pressure on the financial sustainability of a public health service, it is important to emphasize what the democratic creation and maintenance in the last forty years of the National Health Service, enshrined in the 1976 Constitution as a guarantee of the fundamental right to health protection, has meant for the improvement of the population’s health.

Under discussion

The issues under discussion in this edition of e-Publica are the development of active public policies to promote the right to protection, the legislator’s response to new requirements, the revision of the Basic Law on Health, and how it and its development should be taken into account in the construction of a modern “normative framework”.

The authors invited to contribute to this thematic issue have vast experience, scientific and practical, dedicated to the right to health protection. The objective is that the different reflections on relevant aspects of health can contribute to the debate in the construction of a current legal framework for the enforcement of the right to health protection.

Cláudia Monge is an Assistant Professor at the University of Lisbon Law School, Principal Researcher at the Public Law Research Centre and lawyer at the law firm BAS.

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