New BAS services: Immigration and Foreign Investment

BAS extended its service portfolio to the area of ​​Immigration and Foreign Investment.

After strengthening its team in this area, and in order to meet the real needs of those seeking Portugal as a destination to apply their capital, BAS created a new area of ​​Immigration and Foreign Investment.

Our team has extensive experience in application processes for residence permits for investment activities (ARI), under the Golden Visa investment program in Portugal, both in the real estate and capital context.

BAS also provides legal advice for the purposes of access to the Non-habitual Resident Tax Regime (RNH). The team’s multidisciplinarity and experience ensures that its clients, emigrants and foreigners who wish to obtain a residence permit in Portugal, fulfil all the requirements to access the RNH tax regime, organizing the entire process.

This area of ​​expertise involves a team with experience in the areas of Real Estate Law, Corporate Law and Banking and Financial Law.

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