BAS and the outcomes of MIPIM

Back in Lisbon, Artur Filipe da Silva, lawyer and partner of BAS, analyzes the society’s participation in this international real estate event. The lawyer represented BAS in Cannes, along with lawyer Diogo Moreira Ramos, and answered some questions about this event.


What does the participation in an event of this magnitude means to a firm like BAS? Were your objectives achieved?

Our participation in this event was the conclusion of a trajectory that begun some years ago by our real estate department in order to be present at the main events in this sector.

This is, in fact, only one of several initiatives that has presided over BAS’s growing recognition as a full service law firm.

Particularly with regard to the real estate sector, and being an area that requires the participation of so many other areas, from family and succession to urban planning, environment, fiscal, corporate, and also, in some cases, to Immigration and Foreign Investment, one of our recent areas of activity, our presence at MIPIM represented in a certain way, the consolidation of this new area of law, always with the objective of providing better services


What are the main trends in this sector revealed at MIPIM and what role can law firms play in this scenario?

The increase of investor confidence in the country’s real estate sector, the development and consolidation of Local Accommodation and the curiosity and interest in new trends, such as co-living and coworking.


What kind of contacts have been made, with peers or with potential B2B clients?

The networking that takes place in this type of event is comprehensive and our goal was to make BAS known as a law firm capable of providing quality legal advice.

The practice of law has, as in many aspects of people’s lives, a very important role as a guarantor that decisions are taken in an informed way. In the real estate sector, in particular, there are many aspects that require a technical knowledge that can only be provided by professionals who are experienced and knowledgeable about the applicable legal framework.

We are pleased because we have achieved our main objectives and some of the contacts that were made have already materialized in the acquisition of new clients.


BAS intends to maintain its focus on real estate and international markets?

Yes. Real estate has been one of BAS’s main focus in recent years and we expect to have more opportunities to show our expertise in this area of practice.

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