BAS integrates two associate lawyers and a consultant, strengthening strategic areas and betting on new areas of expertise

BAS Law Firm, SP, RL has just integrated into its team two new associate lawyers, João Espírito Santo and Nuno Oliveira Antunes, and the Of Counsel Vera Calheiros.

João Espírito Santo will expand the areas of expertise in Competition Law, as well as strengthen the areas of Commercial Law, Corporate Law, M&A and Civil Law. Nuno Oliveira Antunes will strengthen the area of activity of Administrative Law, Public Procurement and Health Law. Vera Calheiros will strengthen the areas of activity of the firm with the knowledge and experience in Tax Law.

Professor of Law in the area of Private Law at FDUL, João Espírito Santo is a graduate, Master and phD, in Legal Business Sciences from the same institution. Cooperates with several academic and private institutions in Portuguese Speaking African Countries (Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde); consultant in matters of African Private Law. He has published scientific Studies in the areas of Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Contract Law, Family Law, Civil Law, Civil Procedural Law and Competition Law.

Nuno Oliveira Antunes transitions from OCB – Oliveira Antunes, Costa Manso and Belo Morgado, a Law Firm where he was a partner since 2011 and a lawyer since 2008, also went through Gomez Acebo y Pombo Abogados as a lawyer. As a lawyer at OCB, he was a legal advisor in the area of Civil Law, Public Law and Administrative Law and Litigation for public and private entities in the area of construction and engineering. He graduated in Law from Moderna University of Lisbon and with two postgraduate degrees from the Catholic University of Lisbon in Public Procurement and Health Law.

Vera Calheiros, graduated in Law from the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon, holds a postgraduate degree in Advanced Tax Law from the Institute of Financial and Tax Economic Law of FDUL. She was a partner at Monforte Calheiros & Associados and a lawyer at Barros Sobral, G. Gomes & Associados and Santiago Neves & Associados and Barrocas Sarmento Neves. Also worked as Senior Tax Consultant, at Ernst & Young and Tax Inspection Expert, in Law Area at Tax Authority.

BAS thus strengthens its team in strategic areas such as Commercial Law, Corporate Law and M&A, Civil Law, Health Law, and Administrative Law and Public Procurement and bets on new areas of activity, such as Competition Law and Tax Law.

The strengthening of the teams, associated with the diversification of the areas of activity, meets the demanding level of legal services that the company offers to its clients and allows it to increase the responsiveness, both in the national and international markets.

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