BAS and real estate trends

BAS is preparing to participate once again in MIPIM, one of the world’s largest real estate exhibitions. This is one of the law firm’s main areas of practice and the international market is one of our main focus.

Cannes is the place and March is the month chosen for the organization of the Marché International des Professionnels de l’Immobilier, better known as MIPIM. Real estate is one of BAS’s main areas of law and as such, it has participated in some major operations. The company’s participation in this MIPIM edition comes from the invitation by Invest Lisboa to integrate its stand, as has already been the case in Real Expo and in the SITP.

While taking care of the last preparations for the event, Artur Filipe da Silva, lawyer and partner at BAS, and who will represent the company in Cannes, answers some questions about the event and the real estate sector in Portugal.


How important is BAS attending an event of this size and what is BAS’s objective?

MIPIM is the largest real estate event in the world.  In order to be aligned with the trends and with the best practices of the sector, it is crucial to be part of this event. For some years now BAS, as part of its strategy statement as a full service company, has been focusing on various areas of law, including the transversal legal support the real estate industry requires. The presence at MIPIM is thus the consolidation of this effort, always with the aim of providing betters services and reach more customers.


The growth in the real estate sector seen in Portugal is the result of an attractive tax regime and the Golden Visa Program. What role do law and law firms play in this context and what areas are involved?

The growth of real estate sector is not derived only by fiscal questions or by the Residence Permit Regime for Investment Activities, commonly referred to as Visa Gold, despite the importance that these and other programs have had. Real estate growth is also due to other factors, such as investor confidence in the country, the development and consolidation of local housing, to the banks that increased credit for investment in real estate both from the perspective of the promoters/investors and consumers, and therefore, there are many variables that contribute to the growth of the real estate sector.

The law has, as in many aspects of people’s lives, an important role in ensuring that decisions are taken in an informed way. In the real estate sector, in particular, there are many aspects that require the technical knowledge of professionals who are experienced and knowledgeable about the applicable legal framework. The real estate industry is absolutely transversal, and can deal with many areas of the law, such as family and successions, urban planning, environment, fiscal, corporate, among others.


What kind of contacts do you expect to make and what are the target audiences for this participation?

The networking that takes place in this type of event is comprehensive and our goal is to make BAS known as a society capable of providing quality legal advice.


And what kind of s service does BAS provide in real estate?

BAS, as referred to, is a full service company, providing services in all areas.

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