Cláudia Monge contributes to the book The Secrets in Law

The book gathers the texts corresponding to some of the interventions made during the conference ‘Secrets in Law’, held at the Lisbon Faculty of Law in February this year.

“Medical Confidentiality” is the topic of the chapter authored by BAS’s Cláudia Monge, which is included in this book published by the Associação Académica da Faculdade de Direito de Lisboa (AAFDL) and coordinated by Carla Amado Gomes, Ana Fernanda Neves and Pedro Lomba.

The book provides a contribution to the study of confidentiality in Law. “The topic is very relevant and actual”, observe the publishers of the publication. And they continue: “However, it has not been treated systematically enough, its concepts and regimes are unstable and its understanding structures are not solid. It is also cross sectional to several legal practice areas, and is approached in many different ways and has different legal value in the spheres of Public Law and Private Law”.

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