Green Hospitals

Conference of Spring 2022 cycle of ISAMB Exploratory Conferences | Sustainability

The objective of the conference is to promote the study of instruments to increase the environmental sustainability of hospitals, with a view to improving public and environmental health, and to highlight the articulation of the right to health protection and the right to the environment as fundamental rights. Given the number of hospitals and the characteristics of their operation, the implementation of innovative mechanisms to improve hospital performance is of particular interest from the perspective of environmental sustainability and health.

In this 1st initiative of the “Spring 2022 Cycle of Conferences,” Cláudia Monge is invited on the theme of sustainability in hospitals, discussing sustainable development models.

The Spring 2022 cycle of ISAMB Exploratory Conferences, dedicated to the theme of sustainability, is organized by the Institute of Environmental Health of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lisbon in partnership with the Students’ Association of the Faculty of Medicine of Lisbon.

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