Young lawyers and entry into the labor market

BAS was once again present at the job fairs of the Faculties of Law of the University of Lisbon and the Catholic University, organized by the respective Careers Guidance Offices. This is a meeting point for law students and future employers to prepare for the future.

The law firm values ​​its participation in these initiatives and believes it is important to be close to the new generations of professionals and potential candidates who are about to enter the job market.

In the first person

In order to understand the main expectations and expectations of these lawyers in training, we talked to the trainee lawyers of BAS, Liliana Almeida Fernandes, José Sousa Carneiro, Jéssica Ferreira Faria and Beatriz Correia Mendes about their previous experience as students and future candidates in these university events.

When questioned them on what was most useful in this type of initiative, José Sousa Carneiro considers it to be “to allow a first contact with the labor market in a more informal way, which motivates the student to address specific questions to Law firms “Jéssica Ferreira Faria, in turn, believes that “the added value comes from the face-to-face contact with the recruiters and the possibility of acquiring a global vision on the labor market.”

Regarding the type of questions and clarifications that they asked the present firms, Beatriz Correia Mendes mentioned that they were related to the way in which the companies and their respective internships worked, namely if they were rotating and what the main areas of work.

Os jovens advogados e o mercado trabalho Site

New Times

What has changed since they were seniors and their first contact with the job market and legal reality in BAS? They all agree that they are very different realities. For Liliana Almeida Fernandes, “the practice is profoundly different from what one learns in college,” but the young woman believes that “insecurities are part of the process and this is a good thing, because it forces us to improve ourselves every day. “In the opinion of José Sousa Carneiro, it is necessary to have great mental organization and maintain a high index of productivity, although not all the subjects are understood by the recent graduate. On the other hand, Beatriz Correia Mendes considers that “the transition from academic to professional life constitutes one of the main changes in a person’s life. The level of responsibility increases substantially, and in parallel, we have a greater autonomy. ”

And what advice would you give to a young person applying for a job in a law firm? Liliana believes that the main thing is to listen, to observe, to apprehend and to ask always, without fears. José Sousa Carneiro advises not to be afraid of interviews and recruitment processes, be confident and try to be as natural as possible, while Beatriz Correia Mendes indicates that the opportunity to do a rotating professional internship, where you can have contact with the various areas of law, as a good option.

Finally, we wanted to know what a student of law should value to what Jéssica Ferreira Faria referred to “the reality that surrounds her, in order to be able to ponder and think about the concrete situations of everyday life,” while Beatriz Correia Mendes suggests that it should “invest in language learning and especially in extracurricular experience, which helps us to develop soft skills.”

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