BAS and Sports Law

BAS has a new field of expertise, among the added value legal solutions it provides to its clients.

Sports Law is a field of practice of BAS activity, covering matter of great relevance which are very actual and with a growing social importance. BAS’s team provides legal counselling to all participating in the phenomenon of Sports Law, being athletes, clubs, sports corporations, intermediaries, or companies in the field of sports, in all is many aspects, namely, drawing and negotiation of sports related work, representation and sponsorship contracts; general counselling to sport clubs;

Sports Law is a field of practice of BAS activity, covering matters of great relevance and growing social importance. BAS’s team provides legal advice to all those who participate in this phenomenon of Sports Law, whether athletes, clubs, sports companies, intermediaries or companies in the field of sport, in its various aspects, namely, preparation and negotiation of sports work contracts, agency and sponsorship; general advice to sports clubs; litigation of a sporting nature.

The expertise in Sports Law derived from the Labour area. It began with the academic path and subsequent investigation in this matter, being a specialty that has been promoted by the Portuguese Bar Association themselves. It’s a commitment that covers other areas such as Civil, Administrative, Insolvency and Intellectual Property Law.

The new legal framework has just been approved which will bring practical changes for clubs and sports contracts. The Portuguese Parliament approved the draft law that gave form to the revision of Law no. 28/98, of June 26, which approves the Legal Framework of the sports worker’s Work Contract and the sports training contract. The legal framework now approved, although not constituting a structural change in the legal framework of the sports worker’s work contract, contains innovative aspects that will merit the attention of all the sports relevant agent.

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