Key developments in the revised Public Procurement Code

The revised Public Procurement Code was discussed at the Lisbon Faculty of Law. Cláudia Monge, lawyer and partner at BAS, participated in the event with an analysis on the Instruments of aggregation and rationalization.

The conference on ‘The main changes of the revised Public Procurement Code’ was held at the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon. Cláudia Monge presented two main conclusions in her lecture entitled ‘Aggregation and rationalization instruments: framework agreements, dynamic purchasing systems, electronic catalogues and groups of contracting entities’:

– The changes to the PPC on the instruments of aggregation and rationalization reflect the “change in the European regulatory framework for public procurement” and also reflect changes in the “correct interpretation and application of legal rules” in view of the implementation aspects of the regime raised by national doctrine and practice;

– It is appropriate that the legal regime favours the promotion of these mechanisms, instruments of greater speed and effectiveness in the pursuit of the public interest and greater efficiency in the management of public expenditure.

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