Decent Work Agenda

Amcham Information Session: “Decent Work Agenda – Main changes to labour legislation”

The last few years have been marked in the labour field by a series of challenges faced by companies and workers, which have led positively to the introduction of new models of work organisation, but which have also demonstrated the fragilities of our labour market.

The recovery of companies, growing inflation, the impact of the war in Ukraine on the economy, the promotion and sustainability of employment, the increasing acceleration of digitalisation, relocation, as well as the use of artificial intelligence systems in the workplace are some of the new challenges that companies are facing.

These new challenges are inseparable from another: the creation of a more sustainable, fairer and more dignified labour model.

In June, the Government approved a set of legislative measures aimed at promoting decent work and fulfilling objectives considered priorities in the labour market: promoting employment, combating precariousness and encouraging common bargaining.

On 21 September 2022, an information session will be held by AmCham in collaboration with BAS with the theme: “Decent Work Agenda: Main changes to labour legislation” with Alexandra Almeida Mota as a speaker to inform and clarify doubts about the recent legislative measures in the labour field.

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