BAS Agenda: 13th National Congress of Electronic Public Procurement

‘The Future of Major Public Procurement: Options and Challenges’ is the central theme of the event, which takes place today (29 October) at the Academy of Sciences. The congress is organized by AMEP and BAS is one of its sponsors.

Cláudia Monge, BAS partner and assistant professor at the University of Lisbon Law School, is one of the key note speakers and addresses the topic ‘Data protection in public procurement’.

According to the organization of this 13th National Congress on Electronic Public Procurement, “public procurement in Portugal is becoming increasingly important in the various sectors, exceeding the threshold of 15% of GDP and representing much of what is best and worst achieved in national public policies. In fact, it is impossible to rethink the functioning of critical sectors in Portugal such as health or social support without enhancing public procurement as a strategic structural area and it is equally impossible to design a model for the development of our economy without a new dynamic of contracted public investment. However, the difficulties that have existed in designing and managing effectively and efficiently large contracts and in protecting them from the well-known and serious danger of corruption are well known”.

For this reason, the organisation chose major public contracts as the main topic of this congress, taking into account the lessons of the past and the challenges for the future of Portugal. The event pays special attention to the health, technological networks, ICT and communications sectors.

The congress will have four thematic sessions and will include the participation of Cláudia Monge, Carlos Salema, President of the Academy of Sciences; César Pestana, President ESPAP; Artur Mimoso, SPMS Vice-President; Pedro Passos Coelho; Luís Valadares Tavares, APMEP, and Rui Machete, among others.


13th National Congress of Electronic Public Procurement

October 29, 2019

Science Academy – São Francisco Convém

Rua da Academia das Ciências, 1249-11 Lisbon

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