COVID-19: Exceptional and temporary Measures in Response to the Epidemiological Situation

Law no. 1-A/2020, of March 19, came into force today, which takes effect on the date on which Decree-Law No. 10-A/2020 of 13 March takes effect.

It establishes exceptional and temporary measures in response to the epidemiological situation caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and the COVID-19 disease, including:

a) Enactment of the effects of Decree-Law no. 10-A/2020, of March 13 (Article 1, paragraph a);

b) Exemption from prior supervision by the Court of Auditors of contracts covered by Decree-Law no. 10-A/2020, of 13 March, as well as other contracts entered into by the entities referred to in Article 7 of Decree-Law no. 10-A/2020, of 13 March, during the period of validity of this law, without prejudice to the concomitant and successive supervision regimes provided for in Law no. 98/97, of 26 August (Article 6);

c) Implementation of the judicial vacation regime until the cessation of the exceptional situation of prevention, containment, mitigation and treatment of epidemiological infection by SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 disease, as determined by the national public health authority, to procedural acts that must be practiced within the scope of the processes and procedures, which run under the terms of the judicial courts, administrative and fiscal courts, Constitutional Court, Court of Auditors and other courts, arbitration courts, Public Prosecutor’s Office, courts of peace, alternative dispute resolution entities and tax enforcement bodies (Article 7);

d) Provision of an extraordinary and transitional regime for the protection of tenants (Article 8);

e) Determination that the provisions of this Act, as well as of Decree-Law nr. 10-A/2020, of March 13th, prevail over legal, general and special rules that provide to the contrary, namely those contained in the State Budget Act (Article 9, nr. 1);

f) Establishing that the provisions in paragraph j) of no. 2 of article 134 of the LTFP, regarding justified absences due to prophylactic isolation, shall continue to apply to public workers (article 9, no. 2).

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