BAS was present at Real Estate Fair in Paris

The Portuguese Real Estate and Tourism Fair (SITP) took place in Paris last May. BAS is committed in this sector and was present at the event. BAS participated in partnership with Invest Lisboa.

After a period of stagnation, the real estate industry gains a new momentum with foreign investment, through the Gold Visas program and the non-permanent fiscal resident status. “We are convinced that, if Portugal maintains a stable fiscal policy, which in some aspects may even be improved, foreign investment in real estate will continue,” says Artur Filipe da Silva, a lawyer and partner at BAS. Artur Filipe da Silva was one of BAS’s representatives at SITP in Paris, and now he comments on this experience.


Real Estate is a new commitment from BAS that is expanding. How important is participating in SITP? Why participate in partnership with Invest Lisboa?

Real Estate is not really a new commitment by BAS, which has participated in some relevant operations in this area, participation in the fairs, yes, it is a commitment which we intend to continue. It represents contacts with potential clients, partners and we can use it to monitor European trends. I already had experience in real estate, working in other areas or in other ongoing operations. Our participation in the Paris Salon originated from the Invest Lisboa’s invitation that challenged us to join the stand. We participated with Invest Lisboa in the Real Expo in 2016 and, despite the fact that the turnover was not significant, it put BAS on the map and provided new contacts that can be strengthened. This year we participated again together. Once again, it was not a stand with the name of a law firm, it was a stand of Lisbon that gave us an interesting visibility and was superiorly well organized by Invest Lisboa’s team.


The increase in the real estate sector is the result of an attractive tax framework and the visa gold program. What role does law and the practice of law play in this scenario and in what areas of practice?

It plays a key role. This happens, for example, in a transaction that involves knowing the applicable tax framework, doing due diligence on real estate and everything related to its acquisition. In addition, it is often the case that companies that own real estate assets are acquired, which requires the expertise in corporate law, tax law, etc. It is, therefore, an area of transversal activity that almost always includes lawyers with expertise in the area of property, corporate, urban and fiscal law.


What kind of contacts did you make and which target groups did you target?

They are different fairs. At Expo Real we made professional contacts, more focused on partner law firms, lawyers, consultants and companies that had clients with interest in investing in Portugal. The SITP is more B2C and the focus was 95% on real estate, where people want to know legal information about the country, know the status of non-permanent resident, in this case, the advantages that French citizens can have if they are eligible.


And, in particular, what kind of service does BAS provide in real estate?

BAS provides full-service legal advice, having the competencies within its team to respond to any questions our customers may have.

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