Leaders League ranking recommends BAS in Labour Law

Leaders League ranking recommends BAS in Labour Law

After four months of research, Leaders League has officially announced the new rankings for Portugal.

Leaders League has released the 2024 ranking of the best law firms in Portugal in five areas: Arbitrators, Civil and Commercial Litigation, Labour Law, White-Collar Crime, and International Arbitration.

BAS was distinguished in the Labour Law category. It has five lawyers featured in this ranking  Alexandra Almeida Mota | Dália Cardadeiro | Pedro Madeira de Brito | Tânia Silva and Nuno Miguel Vieira. It is the only firm with the highest number of members in the department. The results of the international directory rankings are based on questionnaires to clients, external organizations, and their peers – lawyers – in each jurisdiction.

Check out the rankings published in ECO/Advocatus.


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